What is "‚m‚‚Ž‚Š‚‰‚Ž‚‡@‚s‚‚‚‚“‚•‚„‚‚’‚…" ?

The performance in front of City Hall.


τ"A,‚“‚‚”‚…@A,‚“‚‚”‚… A,‚“‚‚”‚… --‚“‚‚”‚…--‚“‚‚”‚…--‚“‚‚”‚…, ‚“‚‚”‚…‚—‚ --

iIt is in the language for taking a tune that it is easy to sing, and is not meaningful.j

Nanjing@Tmasudare Very wonderful Tamasudare .. "τ

 A form is made, sounding [ move the body so that it may dance according to a pleasant and light message, and ] SHAKI, SHAKI, and sound for the stick of a bamboo... It is the art of a wonderful charm in which it is cheerful, and it is somewhat sad, and is nostalgic a long time ago, there is a retrospective atmosphere, and newness is also felt.
 ‚` treasure ship, a bridge, a fishing rod, a sea bream, a shrine, torii, and the Kannon -- it will change from a rear wheel [ like ] and the flags of all nations to a weeping willow, or a form will be changed in an instant
"Tamasudare" similar to the tool called "makisu" used when making rolled-with-seaweed sushi (sushi) is used for " Nanjing@Tmasudare ." The quality of the material is a "bamboo.
The strong thread which uses the stick of 56 bamboos when flying a kite ties.
The Edo period also has few sticks of a bamboo and it seemed to be 36.
It seems that moreover, many things of 33? are used for length by 56 in the Kanto district.
It seems that the number of the Kansai districts is 44, and length is also short and the thing of 29? is used.
The " Nanjing@Tmasudare " origin is not certain.
It says even if the trip entertainer spread that the "medicine peddler of Toyama" which peddled and walked along every place in the middle of the Edo period spread all over the country as a message of various trade.
Data, such as a "street performance encyclopedia" and "Japanese people culture data collection", are made reference.
‚hf it is alike and is based on it, the musical instrument which also tied many boards of the tree of the shape of a strip of paper of "sasara" around Toyama and "binnsasara" of Fukui Prefecture with a string, and was made is transmitted from the Heian period -- although that is right, it is said that they are the prototypes of Tamasudare
"‚vhich the thing "Amigasaodori" is in the dance of "Kokirikobusi" of the folk song born by Gokayama of Toyama Prefecture, and knit the stick of a bamboo with thread there -- it knits, bamboo" is used, and the form of a weeping willow or a bridge is made and shown.
Somehow, can it be said that it is here about the origin of " Nanjing@Tmasudare "?
Although it does not know that it clarified, probably, for their being the public entertainments p Nanjing@Tmasudare roduced purely in Japan, it will be infallible.
" Nanjing@Tmasudare " calls it " Nanjing Netherlands matchless tamasudare " formally.
 Japan in the middle of the Edo period was the time of national isolation.
When calling it the country with Japan of those days and exchange, they were only Nanjing, i.e., China, and the Netherlands.These two countries must have been absurd wonderful advanced nations, when seeing from Japan.
It is "the wonderful art" which is not in such a wonderful foreign country, either. It will be that the ardent love to say was put.
 From the time of when, although it was not certain, it came to be now called " Nanjing@Tmasudare" short.
Moreover, it is said that it is meaningful in "It being small and being pretty" besides a "globular form" meaning in Japanese with "tama" of Tamasudare.
Probably, such a unique name stuck, since it looked prettily [ it is smaller than ordinary Ren and ].
Although " Nanjing@Tmasudare " is seldom no longer seen now, it is one of the same street performances as selling a thing at the light message of [a sacrifice sale of a banana], [oil sale of a frog (gama)], [product candy sale], [earthenware sale], and Tora-san of a movie "It's Tough Being a Man (‚toko@‚—‚ turaiyo)."
With the "street performance", the art was shown in front of the roadside or the private house in the open space etc., a thing is sold or the entertainer has got the thrown currency.
" Nanjing@Tmasudare " can consider and make a new form and regards many things personally as it being a very pleasant art.
 Although it seems that it becomes the Meiji era and can perform now also as a drawing room art to a variety hall, it became impossible to perform at Taisho Era.
Now, although it is natural as a street performance, a form is changed as a drawing room art and it is loved.
Although it may see as a shopping center and events, such as an amusement park, now, it became impossible to see a pro's art very much.
 Although tamasudare is an individual art fundamentally, I am considering performing by the master and two persons as pleasure.Therefore, the form which is not made is considered if it is not two persons.and I want children to see the wonderful art which predecessors left ... I want to experience ... if it can do, I think that I want the following time to inherit
It came to perform " Nanjing@Tmasudare " and the pleasure which can meet with the pupil with which children shine was got to know.
 It was also the art which taught us the husband and wife the wonderfulness of new encounter. 

Diploma In the Avignon bridge The left:City Hall/The right:Opera house
(Picture postcard)